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세계적인 일간지 The Guardian(가디언)과 경제전문지 The Financial Times(파이낸셜타임즈)의 기사를 읽으면서, 초/중/고급 수준의 문장과 표현이 어떻게 다른가를 살피고 느껴보는 중고급 리딩 과정으로, 2020~2022년에 걸쳐 ZOOM Live 로 진행된 수업의 녹화 영상 모음입니다.

The Guardian은 전 세계 인터넷 신문 중 방문자 1위를 달리고 있는 영국의 저명한 일간지입니다. 시사 상식과 교양을 높여주는 우수한 기사 내용과 수준높은 문장은 아이엘츠 시험의 지문과도 유사한 주제와 구성을 갖고 있어 시험 대비에도 매우 효과적입니다. 특히 제공되는 PDF 학습 자료의 연습문제들은 아이엘츠 리딩에 필요한 여러 지식과 스킬을 연마하는 데에도 매우 유용합니다.

추가로 Independent(인디펜던트) 등 타 언론지 기사와 포토멘터리 Humans of New York 의 스토리 수업도 제공됩니다.

구성과 시스템

2020~2022년 The Guardian/The Financial Times/Humans of New York/Independent ZOOM Live 녹화 영상 모음 (총 60여회)

학습 기간: 수강신청일부터 2023년 12월 31일까지

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  • 마이페이지의 표시 내역과 상관없이 2023년 12월 31일에 학습 기간이 종료됩니다.
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  • The Guardian 수업에는 초-중-고급 3단계 레벨로 된 PDF 자료 3종이 제공됩니다. (유료 사이트인 Macmillan의 OnestopEnglish 에서 제작) ZOOM 수업 영상에서는 PDF 자료의 기사를 자체 통합 편집한 PPT 를 사용합니다.
  • The Financial Times 수업은 2단계 레벨의 PDF 자료가 제공됩니다.  (유료 사이트인 Macmillan의 OnestopEnglish 에서 제작) ZOOM 수업 영상에서는 PDF 자료의 기사를 자체 통합 편집한 PPT 를 사용합니다.
  • Humans of New York 이나 기타 수업에서는 수업 페이지에서 원문을 보실 수 있거나 원문 링크를 제공합니다.



샘플 영상: 2020년 12월 10일자 The Guardian 더 가디언 Zoom Live
(해당 영상은 Youtube에서도 시청하실 수 있습니다)


[12th SEP, 2022] What’s lost when a family-owned diner closes for good? 02:29:00
[24th AUG, 2022] The AI start-up erasing call-centre-worker accents: is it fighting bias – or perpetuating it? (2) 02:33:00
[24th AUG, 2022] The AI start-up erasing call-centre-worker accents: is it fighting bias – or perpetuating it? (1) 02:24:00
[3rd AUG, 2022] ‘We called the mums about an hour after the ceremony’: the rise of secret weddings 02:06:00
[14th JUL, 2022] ‘I can’t afford what I used to’: how the cost of living has changed viewing habits 02:13:00
[14th JUL, 2022] Regular cannabis use now more accepted by Australians than smoking tobacco, study finds 02:37:00
[5th JUN, 2022] As the jubilee bunting comes down, what next for the Queen’s reign? 02:13:00
[19th MAY, 2022] Parents struggle to keep up with children’s career options 02:29:00
[9th MAY, 2022] Standup comedy course for men at risk of suicide wins NHS funding 02:16:00
[27th MAR, 2022] Being male and on your phone are biggest dangers on Scottish mountains 02:00:00
[9th MAR, 2022] Silent salons: why people are choosing to keep quiet at the hairdresser 02:29:00
[9th MAR, 2022] Lost and found: the extraordinary story of Shackleton’s Endurance epic 01:53:00
[17th FEB, 2022] London’s smallest microflat up for sale at 50,000 for 7 square metres 02:20:00
[1st JAN, 2022] Digital detox: Going cold turkey with no wi-fi in the Lake District 02:20:00
[17th DEC, 2021] Meet the man who accidentally started an assassin hiring website 02:20:00
[13th NOV, 2021] ‘No sharks but I’ve seen porpoises’: the rebirth of the River Thames 02:22:00
[8th OCT, 2021] China’s noisy ‘dancing grannies’ silenced by device that disables speakers 02:51:00
[3rd OCT, 2021] From a pandemic to plastic surgery: how Covid changed the way we see our faces 02:46:00
[15th SEP, 2021] ‘A more human Linkedin’: Spain media project helping Covid jobless 01:57:00
[6th SEP, 2021] What is this if not magic? The Italian man living as a hobbit 01:47:00
[31st AUG, 2021] US national parks are overcrowded. Some think ‘selfie’ stations will help 02:42:00
[19th AUG, 2021] ‘We were very blessed’: in the Cook Islands, pandemic proved a welcome respite from tourists 02:25:00
[3rd AUG, 2021] China’s crackdown on tutoring leaves parents with new problems 02:27:00
[3rd AUG, 2021] ‘Now it’s continuous noise’: Italy’s Crusoe adjusts to life off his island 03:23:00
[20th JUL, 2021] ‘Like Uber for snake emergencies’: tech takes the sting out of bites in rural India 02:30:00
[19th JUL, 2021] Europe’s unluckiest train station gets new lease of life as hotel 02:49:00
[6th JUL, 2021] ‘We need to become the solution’: older New Zealanders join climate change fight 02:20:00
[5th JUL, 2021] Antarctic expedition to renew search for Shackleton’s ship Endurance 02:00:00
[18th JUN, 2021] ‘Orchidelirium’: how a modern-day flower madness is fuelling the illegal trade 02:58:00
[4th JUN, 2021] Native American tribe in Maine buys back island taken 160 years ago 02:31:00
[26th MAY, 2021] “It’s cooler to hang Lennon’s guitar than a Picasso”: pop culture wins out at auctions 02:30:00
[30th APR, 2021] Dutch couple become Europe’s first inhabitants of a 3D-printed house 02:43:00
[29th APR, 2021] ‘There is a pleasure to it’: the simple joy of eating the same meal every day 02:01:00
[29th APR, 2021] Stinging wasps are precious, not pointless, say scientists 02:16:00
[9th MAR, 2021] Sweden: how cash became more trouble than it’s worth 02:39:00
[23rd JAN, 2021] How creating wildlife crossings can help reindeer, bears – and even crabs 02:33:00
[2nd JAN, 2021] ‘Lived experience’: finally, a disability reporter who has a disability 02:46:00
[9th DEC, 2020] Milan’s bicycling bookseller takes on the online giants 01:54:00
[3rd DEC, 2020] Zacharias not Zeppelin: Germany to scrap Nazi-era phonetic table 02:05:00
[30th OCT, 2020] Ecotricity founder to grow diamonds ‘made entirely from the sky’ 01:57:00
[25th OCT, 2020] Into the night: why walking in the dark is good for the soul 02:33:00
[23rd OCT, 2020] Viral sensation Doggface on the video that gave 2020 some joy 02:10:00
[10th SEP, 2020] Face masks pick perilous path from health protector to fashion accessory FREE 02:21:00
[3rd SEP, 2020] Road closed or open? The signs revamping low-traffic neighbourhoods 02:44:00
[15th AUG, 2020] Dog gone: Rescue pet shelters emptied by surge in demand during pandemic 02:20:00
[26th FEB, 2020] Love it or hate it, Marmite is having a massive foodie moment 02:40:00
[4th JAN, 2019] Bitcoin: after ten wild years, what next to cryptocurrencies? 02:10:00
Financial Times
[21st MAR, 2022] A four-day week might benefit employers as well 01:40:00
[4th SEP, 2021] Let’s keep humans at the heart of hiring practices 01:40:00
[10th AUG, 2021] Switzerland’s ‘Silicon Valley of smell’ prospers in age of big data 02:20:00
[21st JUN, 2021] How memes fuelled a boom in the ‘stonk market’ 02:59:00
[1st APR, 2021] ‘Farmer Bill’ is not alone in dreams of a rural idyll 01:52:00
[11th JAN, 2021] Rwanda venture tests digital health potential in developing world 02:46:00
[21st SEP, 2020] The model plane that might be the future of flying 02:59:00
[1st MAY, 2020] Improved professional prospects for women in Saudi Arabia 02:21:00
Humans of New York
[HONY] I was a mess when I was born. – JUN 17 00:00:00
[HONY] It was Arlan that I showed my first draft – JUN 3 01:49:00
[HONY] Venus Morris Griffin (1) – MAR 25 02:20:00
[HONY] Venus Morris Griffin (2) – APR 8 02:20:00
[HONY] Venus Morris Griffin (3) – APR 22 02:35:00
[HONY] Venus Morris Griffin (4) – APR 29 01:24:00
An early crossing of the Channel: A Bronze Age boat was excavated from a Dover street two years ago. – JUL 22 01:53:00
기타 (TIME, IELTS 등)
[TIME: 19th MAR, 2021] If You’re Surprised by the Anti-Asian Violence in Atlanta, You Haven’t Been Listening. It’s Time to Hear Our Voices 01:52:00
학습 관련 Q&A
수업/학습 관련 Q&A 00:00:00

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